E-MONITORING PORTAL for Teacher Education Institution


As per the National Council for Teacher Education (Recognition Norms and Procedure) Regulations, 2014, it is mandatory for an Institution/ department offering Teacher Education Programme (s) to maintain its own website with hyperlink to the websites of the NCTE and its Regional Offices. It is stipulated in the Regulations that apart from its location, the website of an institution shall provide information about the land and building it possesses, teacher education programmes it is offering, names and qualifications of the staff it has engaged, the students it has enrolled for the current academic session, annual fee charged from students, statement of income and expenditure during the previous academic session, the existing instructional resources and their augmentation during the current and previous sessions after initial recognition and other such information to be disseminated to the public at large

This IT Platform has following modules: General Information, Campus and Infrastructure, Staff, Student Profile, Instructional Resources, Financials, Academic Management, Governance Structure and Declaration. In these modules, TEIs shall fill information and wherever requires shall upload relevant information.

These entire modules are based on the NCTE norms and regulation for recognition of Teacher Education Programme (s). Hence, Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) are directed to please go through following link for any query associated with National Council for Teacher Education (Recognition Norms and Procedure), 2014 :


Some other important links for guiding TEIs are: